We made it to Barcelona!

We finally made it to Barcelona!

It was a really busy first half of 2018, and now that we’re settled in a bit I wanted to share a little about how this whole thing came to be.

But first I wanted to say thank you! Both for reading this, and for listening to us talk about our move to Spain for what seems like a very long time. That made it feel real to us even when all of this was just an idea.

So let’s see how this thing took shape…

I found an email with the subject “Spanish courses in Buenos Aires, Argentina!” dated January 25, 2016. I think I received it after filling out a form on a website. On a Monday morning. Somebody was daydreaming at work.

This daydreaming wasn’t purely random. Laura and I had talked about some sort of extended adventure before having kids, and I also wanted to learn Spanish so that we could raise our kids with it. Hence the researching Spanish courses in Argentina.

We would talk about this nebulous trip fairly often. On walks, in bars, at breakfasts. Where would we go? Would it be a few months? A half year? A year? Would we come back to the Bay Area? I vaguely remember that at some point we set a deadline to ourselves. “By the end of 2018, let’s do it!” Or maybe it was 2019. The point was: enough daydreaming. Let’s make this happen.

Then came the doubts. Finances, careers, family. What would we even do if we moved abroad? Months went by and we forgot about our deadline. We were both at new jobs and enamored with our life in the Bay Area and all of our friends there.

Then one day Laura started to talk about doing an MBA abroad.

MBAs have application deadlines.

Looking back now, Laura’s studying for the GRE was the actual first “action” we did towards making this happen. Shortly after she took the GRE, we decided on Spain, which has some of the top-ranked MBA programs in the world. Laura, true to form, was admitted to all three that she applied to. Things were looking good.

I was then laid off unexpectedly from my job in San Francisco. A tough job hunt followed, but it led me to my current company, which employs remote workers around the world. (Side note: I’ve never been happier at work). Laura also decided that she would go to IESE in Barcelona. Class of 2020.

We landed here in the afternoon on Tuesday, June 19.

That’s 876 days after I was researching Spanish classes in Argentina.

Pretty fun to get all our stuff down to four checked bags



The worst part of moving anywhere, as you might know, is that you also have to leave somewhere. Laura and I will always look back with gratitude and happiness on our years in the Bay Area and the people who made it so special. Leaving is always hard, and this move was no different.

I suppose most people tend to divide the chapters of their lives based on their various moves, and  I am blessed with an amazing partner who wants to have lots of these chapters.

So when we’re old and wrinkly we can tell our grandkids about the Barcelona years.

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