Lowkey Bougie: 48 hours in Formentera (and like, 12 in Ibiza)

*This is part of a 3-post series on the Balearics. Stay tuned for posts on Mallorca and Menorca soon!

Travel month: July


6PM: Land in Ibiza. We were only here for the night, so we chose an Airbnb that was (relatively) close to downtown. If you know ahead of time what party you’re headed to, try to stay at that hotel or close to it.

10PM: Grab your slinkiest crop-top and head to one of the many amazing restaurants in Playa d’en Bossa and environs. We went a little further to Blue Marlin, which offered good sushi and tapas and spectacular people watching, but the party was winding down (for beach party vibes, get there earlier).

11:45PM: The night took us to Pacha, a traditional but no less enjoyable choice. Let house music, rail gin and chupitos wash over you… Nothing your sunglasses and a giant pamela can’t cover tomorrow morning!


12PM: All checked out? Good! Head to Can Terra or elsewhere near the port to scarf down tortilla espanola and other brunchables before taking one of the 30-min ferries to Formentera! Depending on what kind of night you had, maybe bring a disposable bag 🙂

2:30PM: You made it. See? That wasn’t so bad!

First, get your MOTO or CAR RENTAL at the port — HIGHLY recommend you make reservations beforehand. I won’t get into it but we lived a logistical nightmare on this island because we didn’t have our ducks in a row here. Taxis on the island are so expensive and sometimes a pain to get through to order one.

PRO TIP: We ended up renting an electric car. There are a few charging spots around the island but if you’re just here for the weekend, you probably won’t even need to recharge. The rental was affordable, had automatic transmission and BONUS! because it was zero-emission, we didn’t have to pay for parking at the beach!

Does it seem idyllic to go on bike? Maybe. But just know crossing the island will take about an hour and a half, it’s bigger than it seems, and the sun will be on you. Be warned: YOU WILL BE SWEATY.

ANOTHER PRO TIP: If you didn’t already pack these, be sure to grab water (tap on the island is NOT potable), sunscreen and whatever other beach supplies/snacks you need BEFORE you leave the port area. Remember, tomorrow is Sunday and many convenience and grocery stores will be closed. Supermercado La Savina is just around the corner from all the car rentals and suited our needs just fine.

Leave your stuff at the hotel (may we recommend Can Tres for lovers of seclusion and beautiful design, or Es Mare to be closer to the town of Sant Francesc Xavier?)

3:30PM: Lunch at Beso. The food? Is alright. Good, even. But it’s not what you came for.

It’s the contagious insouciance and giddiness that starts with the muffled music and laughter heard from the boardwalk. The spontaneous bursts of dancing among patrons young and young-at-heart. The hunky and competent bartenders. This is what you came for.

You will have a fabulous time.


10PM: Hope you stuck around for sunset, because it’s a Formentera (and Ibiza) ritual to clap out the sun as it sets. And with good reason — Formentera boasts some of the most majestic sunsets anywhere.

11:30PM: Back at the hotel after showering and succumbing to the warm Beso buzz, we’re sure you could call it a night, but just in case, there’s Blue Bar. We never made it there given the aforementioned, “it’s-funny-now” logistical struggle (only to be discussed in person over a glass bottle of wine), but I’ll be darned if you don’t!


10:30AM: Enjoy a leisurely breakfast, grab your beach stuff and head to Ses Illetes, the best-known beach strip on the island. Get there on the early side to avoid a 45-min wait for parking!

The crystalline waters at the perfect temperature may tempt you to stay offshore, but the white sandy strip offers its own attractions: delicious (if expensive) beachside bars and restaurants and beautiful people everywhere. There is no shade, though, so bring your own umbrella or be ready to rent one 🙂


2PM: Lunch at Juan y Andrea. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it’s worth it. Must-try’s: literally any grilled seafood dish, but we loved the melt-in-your-mouth octopus. And the tiramisu. Even if you’re not a tiramisu person. Just don’t order bread because it’s like 10 euro and nothing to write home about.

5PM: If you’re ready to switch gears from starpower to flower power, head to El Pilar de La Mola, where every Wednesday and Sunday evening a hippy flea market comes to life with handcrafted goods of all kinds and live music. (Note: we didn’t make it there, but it was an unsolicited recommendation from several on the island. Be sure to report back on your experience!)

10PM: Take in another staggering sunset, this time at Cala Saona, a charming cove that’s family-friendly by day and postcard-pretty by dusk.

PRO TIP: Walk to the south side, where a quick climb will give you the best view. Bring cash and reward yourself with a very tasty and very strong mojito from a hole-in-the-wallcliff bar (request a to-go cup so you can explore and sip at your leisure).



11AM: Have some time to kill before your ferry takes you back to reality? The town of Sant Francesc Xavier, with its cute boutiques and restaurants, does not disappoint with its Insta-worthy Med village vibes. Don’t miss the clean, subtle blends at Parfumerie Centrale, which are sure to delight even the most discerning noses.

2PM: Parting is such sweet sorrow, but don’t despair! Yours truly will hook you up with amazing weekend getaways to Mallorca and Menorca, COMING SOON!


Food: 4/5

Nature and Activity: 5/5 but beware of jellyfish!

Nightlife: Let’s just call it “evening-life” in which case 5/5

Shopping: 4/5


  1. I enjoy your posts.
    Many many moons ago I spent a week with Jennifer in Ibiza.
    The beaches back then were pristine and partying was big , but not as popular as nowadays.


  2. Love the LKB! Also! Beso only has 2 lunch seatings, but the 4pm is the best one because you can stay for the party. Or, you can skip lunch altogether and just show up at 7. There’s a 25 euro min charged up front if you’re just there for the bar. For sunset I noticed they make mojitos on the beach :D.


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