End of one blog, birth of another!

Hello to my faithful readers! I’ve decided to end the blog here at thebub.club and I’ll soon start working on a new one.

This blog has been an enjoyable experience but, as you can see, it never had a unified theme. I simply wrote what I felt like writing at various times over the past few years and published those pieces I deemed decent enough to share.

My new blog, which will soon live at greengringo.com, will be my second attempt at blogging. I hope to create a blog with a more unified theme of topics that I feel compelled to write about.

Roughly speaking, those topics are:

  1. Researching and talking about climate change and sustainable living.
  2. Living as a gringo in Puerto Rico.
  3. Remote work.

Thanks for reading thebub.club, stay safe and be well.


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